No two wigs (even of the same style and color) are identical.




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    Very good to know.

    Thank you for posting!

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    Kelly VanSickle (CCHD Manager/Solution Specialist)

    Excellent resource! Thank you Heather!! As someone who has historically bought 2-3 pieces in the same style and color (when I find something I love), I often wondered why such a variance?  Why can't my back-ups look identical? Well, that has been answered for me with this article!

    I never sent a piece back for "defects" (which in actuality, were just styling variances), instead, I just continued to work with it until it suited my needs. I love thinking of each wig as a work of art and an individual creation--and now I have a name for it --UNICORN--how perfect!

    However, I get that this appreciation of individuality doesn't quelm that initial angst! One thing that has worked for me, if at first try the wig doesn't work (excluding fit and obvious defects as outlined above), put it away for a week or two (if it's not your only one, of course), and then get it back out later, as if it were a brand new piece of "hair mail".  I have found so many times, that when I do this, amazingly the wig is "perfect" the second go around. Why? I think a lot has to do with my expectations and anticipation when initially awaiting the "hair mail" first go around. The process of researching, watching videos, reading reviews etc., in anticipation for that "perfect wig", or finally finding the "perfect wig, and ordering a "back-up" is like a locomotive gaining steam.  All those emotions are building throughout the process, and then when the box arrives, emotions crescendo, when I get my first look. Honestly, that wig could be perfect by standards, but I will find fault with it if there is even the slightest variance from my "expectations" or from my existing piece.

    Especially, if I see even one variance, and then it is like a downward spiral of finding "defects": Bam, I am off to the races on the emotional hair roller coaster! And that never ends well for me...I am either getting my scissors, steamer and hair products out to modify, or I am writing crazy emails about everything that is "wrong" with it! Or worse, I go on a irrational search for something else, and end up ordering wig or wigs, that ultimately, I regret.

    A suggestion instead,  try on your wig and if there are no glaringly obvious defects (as Heather has outlined above), then put it away for a few days, a week or even a month. At a later date, pull it back out, try on, and see if a different emotional mind-set doesn't change your perspective.  Who knows, you may find that that this "one" becomes your all time fav :)

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