General fit guidelines for AVERAGE cap wigs per brand




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    Amal Farhat

    Thank you for the indepth analysis and reviews.

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    Good info to know, Thank you!

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    Beverly Meier

    For some reason Jon Renau fits me too snuggly while RW wig caps are a bit roomy.

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    My Jon Renau large cap is a bit too large.

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    Penny Carlson

    I've purchased two Tony of Beverly wigs and they fit my slightly larger head with room to spare. Shouldn't this brand be listed as being great for larger-than-average?

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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator)

    @Penny - personally, I would agree with you that TOB caps are roomy.  This list is intended to be a general guideline.  Everyone's head is different (and every wig!) so as a general rule, that style would work on a true average.  If your head varies even a 1/4 to a half inch or is shorter from ear to ear, you might find it spacious, as I do,

    Let me know if I can help further!


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