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    Hi Nancy -

    I’m looking for a petite cap in a straight-to-slight-wave pixie brunette that lays close to the head (no permatease), has a touch of ear coverage at least at the tops of ears, wispy bangs, is lightweight, with soft thin hair strands, not too shiny, natural looking. Most of the short wigs I see reviewed on youtube have too much hair and look too wiggy on small heads. Tall order I know, but any input is welcome, especially with personal photos.


    Thanks! --Linda

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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator)

    Hi Linda - the pickings are slim in a petite cap.  The three I have personal experience with are Raquel Welch Winner Petite, Jon Renau Natalie Petite, and Envy Tiffany Petite.  Depending on your head size, the RW will fit the tightest.  Natalie's cap is quite stretchy as in Envy.  

    Ellen WIlle wigs don't come in petites but there are some petite-average that fit nice and snug.  This brand has the most natural looking fibers, IMO, with a drier feel to them.  I can recommend Disc, Swing and Jazz.  If you don't like asymmetrical bangs, you can always have a stylist trim them (I did this with Disc and Point).

    Jon Renau Mariska Petite is a gorgeous, hand-tied wig that may be a bit longer than you're looking for.  It has lovely density and can always be trimmed.  I would recommend this one highly if it checks the boxes for for you and fits your budget!  I would show you my personal photos but I like a lot of lift so the look may be misleading.

    Hope this helps!

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