How to protect and refresh the curls on a synthetic wig




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    I bought Amal by Rene of Paris and I'm super bummed that the curl is almost completely gone after a little over a month. 😔 I (thought) I was being super careful by not combing or brushing and only light finger combing when needed. Not washing seems to be the only way to make sure they stay??

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    Hey Heather and Mandy, I know that they say synthetic wigs shouldn’t be used with a hot device, but I have used a curling iron and wand on all of my synthetic pieces for years and they are not the heat friendly fibers. You just have to get one that has adjustable settings and I keep the setting under 280°. You do a test spot on a piece underneath, but I have never had a problem. A curling iron also helps me extend the life of my wigs because it takes those ratty ends and the heat straightens them back out again.

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