Why is it so difficult to find wigs in pure cool / ash tones?




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    Dona Lamson

    regarding ash tones-that is my natural tone.  born with white blonde hair with a patch of dark hair, tow(toe?) headed till puberty, that ash tone- light brown/darkest blonde shade has been with me right through senior citizenship.  friends are amazed that i have so little gray at age 70, and that in my dotage my hair color is the same as it always was. i have the thinning top that comes with being a moldy oldy. i have purchased color rings, but the snippets of hair/fiber are simply too small to be accurate.  i would like advice on the most 'dishwater' brown/blonde shades from the vendors of wigs/toppers that are best suited for bighead babes.  no golden, no red, just dull ashy brown/blonde.  thanks so much. perhaps i should move to the uk where ash tones are not discriminated against!

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    Kerry Cherep

    Hi Dona!  

    Well, if you are looking for a true ash blonde with a bit of brown mixed in, I would recommend checking out RL19/23: Biscuit in the Raquel Welch line, or for a rooted version of the same color, check out RL19/23SS: Shaded Biscuit.  This color is really popular because it is kind of a unicorn in the current wigoverse, although I suspect that manufacturers are already working to catch up with the cool hair trend (I think Jon Renau is supposed to premier some new blondes this summer, as a matter of fact ;-)  

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