How do you tell a potential partner that you wear wigs?




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    Jenny Foster

    This article is fantastic. So helpful and wise!! IMHO, it should be public and not behind a password wall! :)


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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator) (Edited )

    Hi Jenny - as a single woman in the dating world, this is one of my favorite articles.  I'm very secure about my buzzed hair and in my wig wearing and am also upfront with people about it.  Nevertheless, it's almost inevitable to bump up against a prejudice or stereotype at some point.  

    Example....I recently met someone new that I really like.  Three dates in, he made a comment asking me if I've always worn my hair short (I only wear short wigs).  I took that as a good door-opener to share about my hair situation.  Although he was initially very complimentary, the conversation on his side lingered to this:

      -wow, it's really women's hair that defines her beauty (ummm no, it's not!)

      -do you have any long ones? (what is it with men and long hair, ugh)

      -can't you do something to help your own hair? (I did - I shaved it down to 1/4")

    And so it goes.  There won't be a date #4.  That's my power.  If you can't see past my hair to know the other really great things about me, then let's not waste each other's time.  My hair does not define me.  My hope is that every single woman who wears her hair and rocks it, can embrace their individual beauty and power.  


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    Heather, I freaking love you. That is all I’ve got to say ‘bout that!

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