The case for buying a wig in person




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    Cris Hamilton

    Thank you for this advice. Another reason to buy at b&m is they can help you style the wig so that it actually looks like the wig you see in the ad

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    Sadly not all brick and mortar stores have much of anything in the store for you try on! It's really an awful conundrum. :-( For instance, in the large city where I live the largest wig store does not have enough stock. I would have to put a deposit down on a wig that I "think" might look good on me just from looking at the pictures in a catalog for them to order it and then I'm stuck with it. -__- Totally sucks. 

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    Kerry Cherep

    You know, I've never been in a brick and mortar wig store - I don't think I'd know what to do with myself, lol.  I have just taken chances and yeah, I've had some duds, but after a while you kind of get to know what is going to look good (no bangs for me, for instance).  Some of them I've just had to wear for a while to get used to.  At least with online shopping you just have to pay a restocking fee.  I would hate putting money down, waiting, and then being stuck with something.

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    Migo's Mama

    Based on past experiences, I think purchasing from Cysterwigs greatly lowers the risk of buying online due to both the tremendous help available on the website & being able to view wig reviews on their YouTube channel.  It also lowers the embarrassment factor that's there for many newbies.  I put off buying wigs for years because I didn't want to bare my head in a wig shop. Also, I think many wigs that are returned are returned because newbies aren't yet hip with how to style & personalize a wig using products that are exclusively for wigs. Fortunately info on that is also available on the Cysterwigs YouTube channel. At this point I seriously doubt I'd ever purchase a wig anywhere else.

    It's probably a good idea/cheaper for newbies to thoroughly explore the Cysterwigs YouTube channel before deciding on a first purchase. 

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    I have to agree with Migo's Mama. I live in a rural area and I'd need to drive atleast 100 miles to get to a physical wig shop. This would entail taking a day off from work or an all day Sat. and hoping they stay open past noon. I'd rather watch everything I can get on colors and styles on you tube and educate myself that way. Thankfully for us geographically challenged people the info is out there and that's in big part because of the work Heather has put into Cysterwigs. Know that I appreciate all you do and I watch and read everything!

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    SharonRicci (Edited )

    I'm that newbie you are talking about. I live in an urban area but the only B&M stores here cater to a different subset of the population. I went to them anyway but they had nothing that would work for me. They advised going to Youtube which is where I began to learn about wigs. I was unfortunately looking at someone else's reviews at first and so picked my first two wigs based on their information. I realized the mistake when the two wigs arrived and have since been looking at all your tutorials and reviews. Your customer service people filled in some gaps for me and now I believe I'm on the right track as to what will look good and fit well. I'm now waiting to return my first order so I can make my new selections with a little more confidence. Your reviews have been wonderful teaching tools in helping me make these new selections. I have had Alopecia half a dozen times across my life each time the hair growing back thinner and more and more sparse. I have a special occasion coming up and instead of just pulling my hair back in the usual tight bun that really isn't all that attractive I will now be able to look fashionable. I'm so happy I'm finally taking the plunge into wigs with your assistance.

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