Finding a wig with low hair density




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    I am definitely a low-density kind of girl. I enjoy a thinner more natural appearance. I do not like permatease at all since those wigs tend to look like helmets on me. 

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    Cassie Morgan

    I also prefer a low density wig.  Because I am petite, a very full wig looks overwhelming on me and looks fake.    Recently, I have been paying attention to the weight of the wig that they list and comparing them.  This has been very helpful in trying to find the ones that are lighter and that I will most likely like.  

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    Can you suggest some wigs with less density, and more naturally thin? 

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    Kerry Cherep

    Hi Lori!  

    So Ellen Wille and Jon Renau (and in that order) are known for being low density and I would recommend sticking with straighter styles - even a lower density curly or wavy wig is going to be voluminous. ;-)

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    This conversation is SO me!  I'm brand-new to wigs & started my search at a local wig shop.  Every single wig that looked amazing on the mannequin heads look *huge* and ridiculous on me.  I'm a petite person anyway w/ baby fine hair, and I love a slick bob.  But, even those styles looked huge on me.  So, I finally settled on this wig -   We'll see if it works when it arrives.  I know that buying my first wig online is a risk, but I have researched the crap out of this subject!  lol.... I believe I watched every one of Heather's videos in a single weekend. Yep, I totally binged. Ultimately, I found the "low-density" filter on the website to be super helpful, along with whatever reviews & videos I could find online.  So, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll love this one when it arrives!  :)  

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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator) (Edited )

    I hope you'll be very pleased with your Ellen Wille purchase.  Even the styles they make with permatease aren't over the top at all and look extremely natural.  The fibers are drier and quite soft.  Another brand that does carry some lower density styles, and at a bit lower price point, is Tressallure.  I've ordered a few bobs that I've been super happy with.  You'll want to look at the styles that have lace fronts/parts and/or mono tops.


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    Cris Hamilton

    I disagree with Jon Renau being low density. I have Julienne and Rosie and they are both have a ton of very thick hair and overwhelm my face.

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