Can I work out with my wig on?




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    Amy Wells

    I can totally attest to this. I work out with my older synthetic wigs that are a bit too frayed to wear. Use one that really fits snuggly on your head. I prefer a full mono cap from Belle Tress because it stays on when I sweat. Be careful about keeping your core temp down. Wigs sometimes feel like working out with a wool cap. The one I wear most is very breathable.

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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator)

    I do wear one to the gym depending on what time I go.  Since I'm a late, late night exerciser, I'll sometimes just go in a baseball cap since I'm generally alone in the building.  Last week was the first time I wore a full hand-tied wig while working out and I thought I would die.  It got pretty darned heated under that baby - it will be open caps from now on.

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