HELP: Average circumference, small everywhere else (flat head)




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    I have a similar problem in that my circumference is 22" and from ear to ear is 11", and front to back is 12.5". I am interested in a short style by (I can't  think of the name right now) Belle Tress and Tress Allure synthetic wigs. What shall I do? Do they have a petit/average wig that I should try?

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    Ruth Whitaker

    My measurements fall into the petite average range.  My problem is that is seems that all wigs sit "heavily" on the tops of my ears.  Ear tabs are positioned correctly and I can tuck wig hair behind ears (on short styles) with no problem to ease the feeling of wig edge sitting directly on my ears.  I simply do not know or seen any pictures or videos that truly explain or show exactly where edge of wigs are suppose to sit on ears.  Does this make sense?  I am soooo new to wigs, perhaps Im just "freaking" out unnecessarily.  

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