I’m torn between Kristen and Cameron (both Jon Renau) – help!




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    Janet Day

    This wig looks so beautiful on you.  I have a Kristen--I call it my "weather girl wig".  Seems this is a popular hairstyle for the young women on the news/weather stations.  I am afraid to take it out of the box very often.  It is the only JR wig I have.

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    I have a JR Kristen in the Shaded Sun color and, while I know she is quite popular and despite my best efforts, she just never looked right on me. Lovely wig; just not on me. 

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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator)

    Kristen looks very natural on you.  I wish it's a style I could pull off!  I think you'd be very happy with the hand-tied version in Cameron.

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