Medication-induced hair loss



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    Rebecca Meister (Edited )

    I started wearing wigs over a year ago due to hair loss.  I don't remember ever having nice hair. It was always very fine and there was never enough of it.  A little over a year ago I really started having some serious hair loss.  I had a strip of no hair right down the center of my head where my part was.  It got about an inch to an inch and a half wide so I started wearing wigs.  

    My doctor said he thought it was alopecia.  As time went on that area grew back but it fell out in other areas.  In December my health really turned poor and it was started when I had a severe allergic reaction to azithromycin ( I had taken it many times before)  I was very ill for months and after 7 months I am just starting to feel better.  As my health declined, my tongue swelled so much it hurt so bad I couldn't eat, I lost my voice, I got thrush multiple times, my bloodwork kept coming back with bad news,  I lost 12 pounds (I weighed 113 before I got sick).  I had a terrible time trying to catch my breath, I couldn't stand up for more than a minute or two at a time, I got pneumonia. There were many other symptoms. 

    After about 2 months of these symptoms my doctor said he thought I had sjogrens disease but I had to wait months to see an ENT and then several more weeks to see a Rheumatologist.  Yes I have sjogrens and they suspect I have had it for at least 10-15 years and its possible I have had it my whole life, but all previous symptoms were,at the time, explained as other things.  Sjogrens is an auto immune disease where my body attacks all of my glands and it takes all the moisture out of my mouth,throat,lungs ,eyes,skin,hair,joints,kidneys,muscles, it can cause a type of pneumonia, difficulty breathing, brain fog, neuropathy and the list goes on.  So that is the reason I have hair loss.  Please add sjogrens to information about reasons for hair loss incase someone else is suffering from my symptoms. 


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