Weight Loss Surgery / rapid weight loss (you will probably lose some hair, temporarily)




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    Dana Whalen

    Thanks so much for this post! I am going through this right now although I've always had baby fine hair and high loss rates. (Hypothyroidism) My Fast weight loss combined with my tendency to be high stress/hormonal with the resulting hair loss cycles that leaves me crying, has been an interesting and depressing journey *sigh*. It is so disheartening to shower and lose what looks and feels like, handfuls of hair or to try styling your hair and seeing things go down hill. To not feel like anyone, outside of my hubby and daughters, understand. I don't share my wearing wigs with anyone outside of them  


    So, Today is my first day in this forum (although not my first time at the website as I've been a customer for a bit) and reading the stories, tips, etc has really helped me stop feeling quite so low and to take it as it is. While I am still having a lot of trouble emotionally, going from part time wig wearing to being afraid to let anyone see me without a wig, I am feeling more together and reminding myself of how much fun wigs can be and to take some deep breaths. 

    How wonderful to have a safe place to read and post, where I don't feel so alone. :)

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    Heather Hershey (Owner)

    We're very happy to have you on here with us, Dana! It makes me super happy to hear that we've helped let you know that you're not alone in this. I'm so honored that you shared your story, too. It sort of pays it forward every time someone reads it! :)


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