My summary of Plumberry Jam-LR




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    Debbie Baad

    I love this color but I understand it was sold out.  Are they planning to bring it back?

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    Heather Hershey (Owner)

    You can order this color at anytime, actually! Just because it's on BO, that doesn't mean you can't have it. It's super popular, which is why it constantly sells out. My hope is that they will expand the offerings in this color. For example, this color would look FIERCE on Angelica or Reese by Noriko (another ROP branch). We continue to offer this color and think it's definitely worth the wait. I have an Aria in this color and, seriously, every body in my life -- including my younger brother --- thinks it's the bees knees. And, of course, this won't go on BO nearly as often once some time has passed. Since this is a new color, though, people get on that wait list for it so they can have them as they are released from the factory.

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