I've tried your suggestions but my wig is still slipping :(




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    Penny Carlson (Edited )

    I'd like some tips on modifying wigs for larger heads. I figured out how to enlarge by cutting and adding in elastic...but every wig seems to push up in the back unless it's super-loose (I went overboard in modifying an Avery). I have a flatter occipital area and very sparse hair.

    What else can be done to make wig-wearing comfortable? I hate where I'm at now, where I rip it off the second I get home, or company leaves.

    Edited to add: I read a bit more and decided to order The Band. I just hope it won't make my wigs seem tighter.

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    Penny Carlson

    The Wig Grip works! it does make the wig feel tighter, but it definitely holds it in place. Wow!

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