Do you have a "chubby neck" or flat nape?




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    Andrea Francis


    I too suffer from flat head chubby neck syndrome and have tried just about everything short of staples or trans-dermal implants (no not really) to keep my wigs from slipping up or popping off in the back. I've been curious, have you had better luck with fit since you've lost so much weight? 

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    good question!  I'd like to know too

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    Oh, yeah, I deal with this, too. As soon as I turn my head or look up or smile too big or chew. I feel like I gotta do The Robot just to keep my wig in place. I have a short, chubby neck, a 23" head circumference, and flat spot on my crown.

    I was using a velvet wig grip and that was doing its job, but then I shaved my head, so now the wig grip slips right off of the soft "puppy fur" back there. I started using It Stays body adhesive, and it works fairly well, but I end up with the adhesive in the hair of the wig at the nape (Noriko's Reese, large size).

    Then I bought some of the red wig tape, and it held the wig in place very well, but because I put the tape right on my buzzed hair, it was absolute torture to remove. (My husband -- we'll call him Torquemada -- actually removed it, and after the screaming, I wanted to knock him out. I was mad as a hornet!) So, I have been using the It Stays ever since. I also bought some 3M tape, but wasn't able to use it because it wouldn't stick to the nape of the wig.

    I just ordered Sheer Elegance by Gabor, and I'm hoping that because it's shorter in the back, I won't wind up with gooey hair from the It Stays. And I sure hope it fits me. I've been eyeing it for quite a while. It will be my first lace front. Wish me luck! 

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    Nola Elson

    I have the same problem with slippage in the back.  I found if I sew a clip in the back ... actually I sew 2 clips, one under each ear piece towards the back... This does the trick for me.. I have a full head of hair in the back and I like wearing the velvet hairbands too.  I would think a little It Stays might work too.. But I found it really gums up my hair when I take off the wig and I didn't like the feel of that.  Good luck Ladies.

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    Gloria (Edited )

    I have similar problems with my wigs. The back of my head has a flat place and I have a fat neck. Also iI have short coarse hair. I found that the velvet hair bands work. But I sewed three clips in one of my Jon Reneau wigs, Sheena. And I feel much more confident and comfortable.
    I need to add some clips in my other wigs. I think 3 in strategic areas would work nicely. *. *

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