Loyalty Rewards Points FAQ




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    Kathleen Maynard

    With your new policy, I can't use loyalty point when you have a 30% off sale, which is frequent.  So basically reward points are useless.  I don't see the advantage or savings opportunities anymore.

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    Nancy M. (Forum Moderator)

    Hi Kathleen - although that policy changed quite a while ago, rewards points are still a valuable perk!  I let mine build up and then use them on a wig that would not normally be eligible for the 30% discount like Tony of Beverly or Henry Margu.  If I decide to use them on a lower priced wig, the rewards points are often greater than the 30% discount might be.

    Hope this helps!


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    Marian Crawford

    I absolutely love the Jon Renau Softie Boho caps, but the headwear isn't eligible for the 30% either, so I decided that's how I would use my loyalty rewards points.  Now, I look forward to saving and spend the points!  After finally taking some time to review all of the products on the site, I found a couple of other products I'd like to have that are also ineligible for the 30% discount, besides the gorgeous wigs.  Good luck, Kathleen!

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