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    Cristina Orlando

    Wow. You were a crazy busy lady! When the heck did you have time to train musically?! Saw your video of the C. Schumann. It was lovely :)

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    Kerry Cherep

    Client Sherry says (I had to post to protect her anonymity, as promised):

    "Heather and staff, I really enjoyed reading everyone's bio's!  You guys do fabulous work, and you are-- BY FAR -- far my favorite wig company.

    Heather, your reviews are fabulous, always answering all of my questions. Thank you for the color review videos especially, which have been invaluable for making smart purchases.  And I love your silly jokes and especially your laugh. Please don't ever change that! ❤️🌺❤️"

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    Sherry Harris

    I am such an egghead; I asked for my above comment to be anonymous only because I forgot that this is a private community.

    Anyway, thanks for posting, Kerry. And all you guys really are wonderful. So helpful and supportive. Thank you so much!

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